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In summary I have been driving 5248 km across the South Island. 99% sealed roads.
The weather was fine from my perspective. I have expected more trouble from this end.

I couldn’t shoot the Winter photos I had in mind Sad There was simply not enough snow on the mountain peaks.
BTW: I remember that several persons expected a hard and long winter. So far they were not lucky.
I could shoot more mirror photos than expected,
more panoramas than I had in mind (hope they will be good - crossing fingers)
I found more stunning landscapes at unexpected places.
Sometimes you need to travel the opposite direction, as you cannot look into the mirror all the time
and sometimes you have to bypass the direct way on secondary (but sealed) roads.

Happy Happy Happy

Everything is „eeazeee“ and „phaantasticc“ down here.

Really, it is!

For my Motorcycle friends & for driving exercises...:
Streets are in good shape, are empty, unless you are at the „bigger places“ like CHCH, Dunedin, Q’Town & Nelson.
The only risk is to get distracted from driving by watching the landscape.
The South Island is worth a Motorcycle trip.

I hope I can adjust back quickly to drive on the „right side of the road“
I can forget the weird right turn rule being in place down here.

if you turn right from one road into another one, the approaching traffic has the right of way, unless if someone of that approaching traffic wants to turn left; means into the same road you are heading to.
The rule is that that person turning left has to wait for you crossing into the road in front of him/her.
That caused some push of adrenalin - sometimes for me sometimes for the other party. in most of all cases when I was turning left into such a road, they expected me to wait and I didn’t (in the first two or three cases).
OOOOPS ,but I learned to wait the soft way, luckily.


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