NZ 2011day by day

-25- Towards Hanmer Springs

I will do the 3rd and last crossing of the Alps today.
Initially went around the Alps using the Queen Charlotte Drive and coming through Murchison without any pass. Next crossing over at Haast Pass on the very south route, driving along the Alps over Lindis Pass, going back west through Arthur’s Pass and now going back east through Lewis Pass.

After leaving Greymouth I found an interesting „Used British Car“ shop in Dobson. Some Cars still have valid license plates.
Some polishing needed.




Overcast weather always makes an environment kind of unspectacular. The mountains left and right even look dark and uncomfortably close in such a weather. Therefore Lewis Pass is kind of unspectacular.
But as soon as the valleys get more wide just before the Lewis River merges with Hope River the landscape gains attractiveness again. The weather too.






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